Pieces of a man - David Labi

Een Engelstalige voorstelling van David Labi gecoacht door Johan Petit. Een solovoorstelling die balanceert tussen stand-up comedy, dramatische monoloog en auto-ethnografie...

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Pieces of a Man a rollercoaster journey through David's father's life – from Holocaust Survivor to business success and catastrophic failure, including gambling addiction, unexplained bombs, shady characters, and old-school manhood.

A hilarious and powerful one-man show exploring fatherhood, identity, trauma, and joy.

David’s father Marcello was an Italian Jew imprisoned as a child in the Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen. He brought lifelong wonder, madness, joy, and pain to those around him.
The show delves into shifting pasts and parallel presents, using photos, clips from Marcello’s Holocaust testimony, anecdotes of soldiers, gangsters, and casinos…

Pieces of a Man explores questions of identity, persecution, migration and liberation. Versions of masculinity are contrasted, with the stories of father and son spanning violent upheaval and tremendous social change.

Pieces of a Man is a story of unresolved parental trauma that touches diverse communities, leaving spectators a little bit transformed.



26/03/2023 Arenberg, Antwerpen vrije voorstelling
28/03/2023 DE Studio, Antwerpen vrije voorstelling
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